China mining and miners business situation report

As we know ,there are many overseas miners want to know China mining and miner business situation ,they always thought mining and miner business is forbidden in China ,but it is totally a mistake ,there are many big mining farms in some poor province China ,cos many investors thought its electricity is cheap ,also some special policy on these poor places from China government ,so there are still many investors building their farms and mining is becoming more and more popular in China .

With the Bitcoin crazy risen in last year ,miner business has big demand in China market ,not only mining farm need them in big quantity  ,but also many personal involved in mining and want to get high profits from that ,also there are many resellers and wholesalers involved this business  ,they sell miners to global and take miners from factory directly and more and more getting into this business ,which caused bad price and competition ,but it is common situation ,miners prices in China always along with cryptocurrency situation .

It is China mining and miner business situation report .