Buy and hosting all your machinnes with AKminer !!!

Hi Dear ,
Thanks for your interest on our hosting service .
Hosting service details as below :

Our hosting service has a minimum order of  10pcs .

The contract is signed for at least one year. Expired users can handle the machine themselves or continue to sign contracts.

The specific electricity fee is signed with the contract .

Electricity fees could negotiated on your hosting quantity .


Here are some reasons maybe why u need hosting machines in China ?

1).It is not easy to buld mining facility for small retails miners and difficult to handle .

2).95% miners made in China ,time is very important to new miners ,catch time to up earlier and u will get max profits .

3).Some countries has some rules in mining ,not easy to pass customs ,hosting in our farm could help u save shipment and custom duty ,also aviod any risks of customs .

4).95% miners made in China .Hosting with us ,it is more convenient to apply after-sales supports from manufacturer .


All the machines on our hosting fleets are insured and extremely well protected .In addtion ,they are sorted in a place designed for mining mining with a very good cooling system ,a very stable electrical connection and optimal humidity conditions .We work on your machines in less 24 hours in case of any technical problems .


AKminer provide one-stop solution for buying and hosting service ,cheap electricity and professional management team in our mining farm

Please be feel free to get us via Whatsapp +86 18682005253 or email [email protected] if have any hosting plan .