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The best-in-class Grin miner which achieves full compatibility of Cuckatoo31+ and Cuckatoo32+ algorithm ( Cuckatoo29/30 also backwards compatible) in the same hardware.
The below Batch One discounted miners can only be acquired through pre-order program. Estimated delivery time if you pre-order now starts in August 2019.
A delightful additional ROI feature will be provided for our pre-order customers, which will be announced before the product shipping.
For those who has already prepaid deposit before this announcement, you only need to make up the price difference at any time before product shipment, your priority date is ensured.

April pre-order benefits:
1. Large discount over regular price
2. Early delivery starting from August, 2019
3. Free PSU if applicable
4. Extended warranty from 6 months to 9 months

G32-Mini PCIe Card (Wifi capable) — Preliminary Specification:

  • Performance Target:
    21.5GPS (+-5%) for CC31+, 4.5GPS (+-5%) for CC32+, about 10X a good GPU
  • Power Consumption:140W (+-10%) normal mode, low power mode available
  • Estimated Size:Standard PCIe Graphic Card Size
  • Estimated weight:1.2KG
  • Installation: Easy installation like a GPU card, in fact is easier. The card is totally self-contained with software / wifi / Ethernet port embedded. Only the standard computer PSU is needed to power the card. Each Card can work alone or be cascaded.

Guarantee for April pre-order customers only:

  • You are eligible for full refund if our final G32 spec after actual product testing fails to meet the above Performance Target by Sept 30th this year.
  • You are eligible for the special extended 9 months warranty (only for April pre-order)
  • You are eligible for an additional ROI boosting feature, which will be announced before product delivery