Creative Noise Reduction Box for Mining Hardwares /Miners ( SHIP NOW !!!)

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Question 1 :What it is for ?

Answer 1:Noise reduction box for miners ,far away noise when mining and even could mining under bed .

Question 2 : It has cooling function ?What is its electricity consumption ?

Answer 2.Smart cooling function with low electricity consumption (normal mode : 36w only ,cooling mode : 120w only)

Questions 3 : Which models it is suitable for ?

Answer 3.Suitable for all miners ( besides ETH GPU miners )

4.What is its specs ?

Answer 4 :

1.Packaging size : 88*36*41.5cm

2.Product size : 82*32*37cm

NW/GW : 7.7KG/9KG

Warranty :ONE YEAR