72pc mining container ( SHIPMENT NOT INCLUDED )


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shipment not included ,PM us for shipment details

72pc model: ZK-6-72 (can hold 72pcs S9 or 54pc S17 )

Length, width and height: 1860 mm * 1930 mm * 2210 mm / overall 8 cubic meters / weight 320 kg.

Add special and convenient to disassemble the air filter, and the oxygen-free copper GB cable is 25 square meters.

Add hot and cold spacer plates.

Double industrial water curtain, rapid and continuous cooling. 2-year warranty negative pressure fan.

Add an outdoor rain cover. The automatic residual power controller automatically sends power.

The common type supports 2300 watts / h, single machine. Enhanced support for 3500 watts / h, stand-alone.

The maximum height of each single unit should not exceed 300 mm, and the width should not exceed 150 mm. Otherwise, the number of units will be reduced.